Fees for service vary depending on the issues involved in your matter, the complexity of the matter and the length of time the matter goes on.  

Our Office offers payment plans for fees.  We accept cash, checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.  

Domestic Relations, Family Law Fees

The standard retainer for all Family Law matters (custody, divorce, post decree motions, ect) is $400.00.  The hourly rate for those matters is $100.00.  Filing fees, court costs and other expenses, ie deposition, transcripts, ect, are the responsibility of the client.  

Fees for criminal/delinquency matters are as follows:

Misdemeanor Matters (MM-M!) - $800.00

First Offense OVI, Drunk Driving - $1200.00

Second and Subsequent OVI Matters - $2000.00

Low Level Felonies (F5, F4)  - $1500.00

Mid Level Felony (F3) - @2500.00

High Level Felonies (F2, F!) - Start at $3000.00

Civil Matters Fees

Minimum Retainer is $400.00, and $100.00 per hour.

Eviction Matters  - $250 fee, plus all court costs. 

Collection Matters - $250.00 retainer, plus 1/3 of any amounts recovered

Estate Planning Fees

Wills - $75

Power of Attorney - $75

Living Will - $75

Durable Health Care Power of Attorney - $75

Complete Estate Package - Includes all four (4) documents - $150

Unbundled Legal Services - No Representation

Document Preparation  - Final  Judgment Entry Only - $300.00

     - Complaint/Motion and Final Entry  - $500.00